Field Work

Field Work

Notes from the life of a writer and biologist:

Field Notes from the Research Vessel Natoa

Periodic updates from Eva’s summer research trips into Prince William Sound and Kenai Fjords to study killer and humpback whales. Posted on the North Gulf Oceanic Society website.

Field Notes
from Cancerland

Eva’s blog on her recovery from breast cancer, Alaskan in Cancerland.

Field Notes
from Latvia

Eva’s travel blog from her writing residencies in Latvia (with raw material for a lyric memoir in progress), Alaskan in Latvia.

The work continues…read notes from the life of a writer, poet and biologist through the following:
“Field Notes from the R/V Natoa,” a log written in real time during whale research field expeditions
“Field Notes from Cancerland,” blog postings about recovery from breast cancer
“Field Notes from Latvia,” excerpts from a lyric memoir in progress
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