Tips For Personalizing Your Gallery Wall


Both the interior and exterior decor is crucial as they convey a lot of information about your household. The room’s decor should have a personal connection with its residents. The surroundings your house will be significant in determining the happiness of your family. This means that your home should be decorated using things which reflect the status or nature of your family. This article will help you in refurbishing your wall decor.

This process begins with identifying the wall which will be decorated. The physical parameters of the wall should be noted. The following are the critical steps which should be followed when decorating the wall’s decor.

Look for the available wall decor items in your home

These include the family photos, wall accents, monogram letters, three-dimensional pictures, personal artworks and framed mirrors. These can personalize your space to a great extent.The preferences of the different family members should also be taken into account. Other factors that you should consider are the texture and colour of your wall. This will help in matching the surrounding with the decor pieces.


  • Carton themes and monogram letters are suited for the kid’s decor.
  • For the living room should include cocks, frame mirrors, and photo frames
  • Personal paintings and photos bearing your signatures should be used in the bedroom’s wall decor

Arranging the different items properly

These items include the following

  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Painter’s tape
  • Bucher’s tape-Should be arranged according to the walls’ measurements

Consider the space of your room

You should room for a room which has adequate space. This will allow you to spread your butcher paper effectively

Drawing the decor’s layout

This involves drawing the layout of your decor on the butcher papers. This will help in avoiding unnecessary nails or pins on the wall. The different decor things should be located accordingly on the paper. A pencil is used in preparing a template which demarcates the various items. Markers and pens should be avoided as they can bring confusion.

Configuration of the decor

An excellent arrangement of decor is made by placing the different items in order. The large things should be placed away from the center of the wall. Voids are filled using the small items.

Cutting the templates

The cut template should be adhered to the wall by use of a painter’s tape. This is done to ensure that everything is in accordance with the prepared layout. The arrangement is then checked to make sure that there is no misconfiguration. This should be done until you get satisfied.

Replacing the templates

Once you are through with the configuration process, the templates are supposed to be replaced with the respective decor pieces. The process should be done carefully to avoid messing up with the environment.